Laputa Enigma

Encounter at FarPoint

Each individual finds themselves a stranger in the middle of the Fifth Kingdom in the cliff-side village of ChiselNook. Sitting in a dwarven-owned tavern (with uncomfortably low ceilings) they find themselves observing the rest of the loners in the Half-Pint Tavern.

By the fireplace a violet-clad bard (who doesn’t look anything like a pimp) sings the Lay of Rogant which relates the story of how King Rogant, current ruler of the Fifth Kingdom, came to power.

A (seemingly) old gnome in short robes and a full white (false) beard named Porter beckons the individuals to him, including the ninja shadow warrior hidden in the shadows. He fills in the details of the recent history of the Fifth Kingdom that the Lay of Rogant left out. He remarks that the Fumic Fang will pass through ChiselNook that very day, and indeed it passes the inn at that very moment. He intends to use the excitement to distract others that might want his family heirloom that he is transporting across the kingdom. When the party agrees to help him, he pays them five gold each with the promise of fifteen more when they complete their escort mission.

The party finds a traveling merchant by the name of Bahmgar who claims to have “the finest wares in the land!” Mariden gambles with him and acquires a Ring of Protection +1 in a game of TwentyBone.

The party goes to sleep at the inn (after trusting that a sleeping wolf in front of the door would be a fine substitute for someone standing watch) to be woken up in the pre-dawn by Porter who is panicking because of a fire in the building (the more popular tavern and inn of the town) across the street from their inn.

The PCs climb out of a second-story window and escape over rooftops to the stables where the gnome’s cart and pony are being held. They are attacked by two horrifically disfigured humanoids in cloaks, but manage to dispatch them and escape otherwise unnoticed.

On the road they encounter a pair of kobolds fighting. Owena, who understands Draconic, understands their squabble to be some kind of “abrasive fruit revenge” involving pineapples (actually pinecones). When a group of kobolds try to sneak up on the party from behind the party is not surprised as Rukk has been keeping a close eye out for them.

A battle ensues where many kobolds and a few goblins die at the hand of the heroes. Most notable was the skill and precision of NohOne, the shadow warrior, whose skill with the blade coupled with his knowledge of anatomy is unparalleled.

After the fight Porter admits that he is not transporting a family heirloom, but has acquired the Fumic Fang, swapping a realistic decoy for it. He states that his organization stole it for the good of the king and his daughter, as well as to keep it out of the hands of a mysterious organization known as the Crimson Claw.

The party continues on its way and they are ambushed at FarPoint by a group of cloaked figures with masks adorned with a red claw. The members of the Crimson Claw, avoiding the decoy chest, steal the Fumic Fang. Porter, who grabs a strange energy weapon dropped by the masked thieves, shoots the bunch and turns them, along with the fang, to dust. A burst of energy kicks back from the gun and kills the gnome who passes the gun, a wooden cylinder crawling with gnomish script, and the whisper “Laputa” to Mariden. As Porter lays dead, clutching a bracelet with a single amber bead and single cobalt bead in his hand, his frightened rabbit skitters out if his hat. Owena calms it and cares for it.


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