Lay of Rogant

This song tells the story of the Fall of the Fumic Fang.

Forty men, Thirty-nine wives,
Scores and score of children.
Foul luck defined their lives.
Foul men did uproot them.


Staring up in wonderment,
(A) castle standing bleakly.
Broken, desperate and spent,
The Tribe all collapsed weakly.

Wifeless Rogant kept his stride
’Til he found the green tooth.
Waking hunger from inside,
Rogant knew the sad truth.

Rogant called to twin daughters
(always them together)
Fang said to the sad father,
“Split them up forever!”


One in front and one behind.
Father, both they did trust.
Forward daughter left his side,
touching fang, turned to dust!

Green tooth toppled to the ground,
Fumic Fang’s curse now spent.
Rogant gathered daughter ’round
to their new home they went.

Lay of Rogant

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